Fundamentals of Cooperative

Encoded By: Mary Joyce Chang

  • History of cooperatives: The training will provide participants with a brief overview of the history of cooperatives, including their origins, development, and global reach.
  • Philosophy and principles of cooperatives: The training will discuss the core principles of cooperatives, such as self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.
  • Legal framework for cooperatives in the Philippines: The training will cover the relevant laws and regulations that govern cooperatives in the Philippines.
  • Cooperative governance and management: The training will discuss the different structures and processes involved in cooperative governance and management.
  • Cooperative social responsibility: The training will discuss the importance of cooperative social responsibility and how cooperatives can contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.


  • Valid ID (must be a resident and registered voter of Calamba City)
  • Request letter of the representative of the cooperative addressed to the Mayor or to Sir Opulencia
  • Duly filled profile form with 2x2 picture 
  • List of attended Orientations / Seminars / Training

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